Nawa Band

Nawa Band is a band that is concerned with reviving and propagating muwashahat and Qudud of all forms, religious and non-religious, and documenting FUSOOL of inherited DHIKR in Aleppo after having compared the anciently written scripts with the most frequent verbally identified ones. Nawa Band performs this heritage worldwide in the most integral and sincere form, preserving its purity and spirituality to the highest level.

The band was formed in Aleppo in 2009 by Ibrahim Muslimani. It gathered an elite group of Aleppo musicians and performers motivated by passion to perform compositions and FUSOOL from the first half of the 20th century that were either forgotten or misrepresented through time. Nawa selects compositions according to both artistic and historical value, not merely according to ancient relevance, apart from touristic folklore.

The old Syrian composers, both acknowledged and unacknowledged ones, played a significant role in enriching the musical reminiscence. Our endeavour today is to document and bring their masterpieces back to life and to heartily put them in the hands of the noble audience and musicians. This comes out of a hope to contribute to the rising of a new musical renaissance with genuine and strong roots, a renaissance connecting the present with our glorious past and leading them both to a luminous future.

The name  “NAWA”  is in line with our musical vision. NAWA is a Maqam name and it is the fifth note in the musical scale. As in the linguistic meaning, (NAWA) stands for the (CORE), the distance and destination and the voyage in between. Therefore, by NAWA, we mean a fine art in which the human travels, body and soul, from one status to another and from one level to a higher one, abandoning ghosts and valuing souls. “Every person will harvest what they intended” – this is what NAWA is about.

Concerts presented by NAWA  :

  1. Concert during the activities of the  “ Syrian\German Music days” in Aleppo/Syria.
  2. Concert in  “Gazi Antep pistachio festival ” Turkey 2010.
  3. Concert  in  “Greeting from Aleppo to the cities of Syria”  at the Roman open theater in Jableh/Syria.
  4. Concert  under the name of  “Fusool from the inherited Dhikr of Aleppo” Aleppo/Syria.
  5. Concert  in the festival of  “The  Francophonie Festival”  theater of the cultural bureau in Aleppo/Syria.
  6. Concert  in the festival  “Oriental Spaces”  at the second international oriental music meeting   at the Syrian Opera house Damascus 2011.
  7. Contribution in the movie (Wajd) , directed by the Syrian Canadian director (Amar Chebib).

The Band released an album in 2014 titled: (NAWA – Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo) in cooperation with “Lost Origin Productions” in Washington DC.

8.The final ceremony of “The brotherhood” sport championship by the invitation of the Turkish Ministry of Sport in Gaziantep Stadium 2016. Concert in the symposium organized by Al-Furqan, entitled “The Arts in Light of the Objectives of Islamic Law (Maqasid)” Istanbul 2016