About Ibrahim

Born in Aleppo 1992, Ibrahim was raised in a family that had a great interest in Chanting. His early steps started in 2003 when he began to learn the essentials of percussion and rhythms from his older brother, Mohamad Muslimani. Meanwhile, he joined some chanting groups as a professional Daf player. In 2006, Ibrahim started collecting the musical heritage, both religious and non-religious. He focused on the orally passed down, almost lost musical heritage and the rare Muwashahat, Qudud, Maqamat, rhythms and musical manuscripts and records.

Ibrahim had a great chance to learn from three of the students of the great Syrian composer Omar Batesh (1885-1950). He learned from the master Hassan Bassal some of the rarest Muwashahat, Qudud, and the Aleppine Al-Samah forms, the embodiment of oriental rhythms using arms and feet, along with the forgotten lyrics and Maqamat series “Hijaz Natık”, which were only known by Hassan Bassal. Ibrahim also learned other Al-Samah forms from the master Fakher Nayyal. He did also take from the master Zuheir Meniny the essentials of the almost lost Rashidi chanting method in Syria, beside several Muwashahat and religious chants. Moreover, Ibrahim learned the essentials of Dhikr chanting and old rhythms form the master Mohamad Fateh Abu Zaid. He got a certificate in the essentials of classical Turkish music from the Directorate of Culture in Gaziantep,Turkey. Ibrahim is still studying the essentials of musical theories, rhythms and maqamat of the Ottoman Music, Oud playing and ethos of music with the master Mohammad Saif Addin Zein Al-Abedin.